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Dear International Students, the viral epidemic has made its way to Poland. Please, read the information below to know more about the current situation.

Dear International Students,

to stop its further spread, our university has decided to suspend all in-person classes. They will be resumed when the authorities decide it is time to do so. As for now, most classes switch to e-learning and will start this coming Monday, March 23rd. Your lecturers will inform you of all details for their particular class.

Please follow the general guidelines to stop the spread of the virus. Do not leave your homes without a good reason, do not travel unless completely necessary, avoid big groups of people and crowded spaces, wash your hands often. If you have any urgent business at the bank, office, university or elsewhere, please try to do it remotely by phone or email. If you suspect you might have contracted the virus, please do not come personally to your doctor, potentially spreading the disease on your way. Instead, call them and follow their recommendations.

Please notice that due to the recent travel restrictions set by the government, if anyone leaves Poland now, they may have problems coming back. Depending on your exact immigration status, you would either have to undergo compulsory quarantine upon arrival or you would not be allowed to reenter the country until border restrictions are lifted.

As our Rector said in his open letter to students (, we strongly believe you will act responsibly. Please remember there is no need to panick. Most people who contract the virus will not experience severe complications. We hope that by implementing preventive measures we will protect those most at risk, including some of your colleagues, university staff, and the wider community.

Kind regards,
Admission Office

19 Mar 2020