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BAPrinciples for Tropical Agriculture

Tuition fee €1,600.00 per semester

last semester without tuition fee

Application fee €19.00 one-time

or 80 PLN


Our course in Principles for Tropical Agriculture is an opportunity to study both the scientific background of agriculture and its practical side. The program of studies has been developed for both students from the tropical region countries as well as for those interested in food production in those areas as well as in work for international organizations involved in supporting the growth of the Third World countries.

We hear a lot about the sciences of the future, most of them being technical, however, before humankind can make use of those technical developments it needs to be fed. The need for the agricultural production to grow is more and more vital. By 2050, the world population is expected to reach 9 billion and people from the developing countries, which is where almost the whole growth of the world population takes place, need a more varied menu. By 2030, the demand for food will grow by 40%, which is why it is necessary to use new areas for agricultural purposes, including the tropical regions, such as Africa, South America or Central Asia, where it should be a priority to solve the problem with hunger. The graduates of the Principles for Tropical Agriculture will be the specialists able to face the challenges of the future. The aim of the studies in this field is to prepare the graduates with qualifications to cope with various tasks in the area of agriculture and food production.

Programme structure

The program of studies is based on the following main subjects: mathematics, botany, plant physiology, zoology, microbiology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry and specialized subject, such as soil science, genetics, plant and animal husbandry, animal anatomy, soil cultivation and protection, agricultural engineering, meteorology and hydrology, plant protection, basic forage science and animal nutrition, chemistry of foods, basic water management in the natural environment, general technology of foods, storage of raw materials and food products, plant cultivation, technology of plant raw materials, analysis of foods, biometrics, technology of animal raw materials, farm animal breeding, prevention of farm animal diseases, wellbeing of animals and hygiene of animal production, general ecology, economics of agricultural production), as well as supplementary (elective) subjects – to be selected by the student.

Career opportunities

The graduates of this field of studies will have knowledge in the area of food production and processing technology on the local, regional, national and global scale. They will know the threats connected with human activities and the basic risks connected with the production and processing of agricultural products.

The studies also prepare the graduates to hold managerial positions in the scope of food management as well as to run an agricultural farm. The knowledge and skills of the graduates will also focus on the aspects of sustainable agricultural operations (agroecology), which makes those studies special and fundamentally different from other fields.

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