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MAHORTICULTURE (Spec. Green Areas Shaping)

Tuition fee €1,600.00 per semester
Application fee €19.00 one-time

or 80 PLN


Horticulture Master Course provides students with in-depth knowledge in sustainable horticulture, landscape shaping and environment protection. The programme presents biological and environmental background in cultivation of high quality horticultural plants in sustainable, integrated and organic systems. During the education process the student learns how to perform research in the field of instrumental analysis, data processing with various computer techniques. The student is able to process and analyse the research results, present the knowledge in specific field of horticulture. Furthermore, the courses presents quality management techniques in production and the basics in work organization. On specialized level, the student is able to use research and analysis techniques. On the professional level, he is able to make independent decisions in horticulture business.
*The candidate while enrolling to the course decides if he wants to follow the programme for one of the specialities: Green Areas Shaping or Horticultural Production. However, there must be sufficient amount of students wanting to study the particular speciality, so it may be open. If one speciality does not have enough prospective students, its candidates are offered the second speciality as an alternative.

Programme structure

1 st semester

Statistics and experimentation, commodity science, plant arrangement, agrofitocenology, landscape shaping and maintenance.

2 nd and 3 rd semester

Nature Conservation, basics of sustainable horticulture, molecular biology, green areas plant selection, green areas planning, basics of geodesy and cartography, horticultural production systems.

Career opportunities

The graduates of Green Areas Shaping has advanced knowledge in specific subjects: geodesy and cartography, use of trees and bushes in design, grass surfaces, methods of landscape shaping. He is able to do basic geodetic measurements and cartography studies. Also, the student has expanded knowledge in the field of plant selection (tree, bush, perennial) and design principles necessary to draw up the project on executive and operational level related to green areas shaping of urban and rural surrounding. He knows how to organize and design different types of lawn and prepare lawn mixtures. The graduate is prepared to do plant inventory, plan tending activities for sustaining good condition of vegetation. The programme covers historical gardening and park renovation methods. The legal knowledge in the field of construction law and planning equips the graduate for effective and professional work.

Where will you be able to work after graduation?

Graduates can pursue a range of careers in specialized horticultural farms, fruit and vegetable processing industry, in administrative and consulting institution concerning horticulture, green areas shaping organizations, research and development centres, education institution.
There is a possibility to continue the educational process and academic research on PhD programmes.

Apply now! Spring semester 2017/18
Application start
Oct 1, 2017
Application deadline
Jan 31, 2018 23:59
UTC time
Studies commence
Feb 16, 2018

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States