Scholarship and Funding

Scholarships for students from post-Soviet countries and Eastern Partnership

Prof. Stanisław Tołpa Scholarship is aimed at citizens of post-Soviet countries with Polish roots and Polish language skills. The candidate should apply for the scholarship in the Polish Consulate in their home countries. The amount of students who might receive the scholarship varies each year.

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Stefan Banach Scholarship is aimed at citizens of Eastern Partnership countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, as well as the following Western Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia. It provides the following type of financial aid:

  • Master studies in the following fields: engineering and technical, agricultural, applied and life sciences at public and non-public universities.

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Konstanty Kalinowski Scholarship is aimed at citizens of Belarus who due to the political and social involvement cannot enroll to university courses and enhance their education. The financial aid is available for Bachelor, Master and PhD studies.
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Scholarship of Wspólnota Polska Association is available for persons of Polish origin or the Card of the Pole holders. The financial aid is provided for Bachelor, Master and PhD courses.
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Developing countries and Eastern partnership

Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship is aimed at citizens of developing countries: Angola, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, The Republic of South Africa, The Philippines, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam. It provides the following type of financial aid:

  • Master studies in: engineering and technical sciences, agricultural sciences, sciences and natural sciences.

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Central European and post-Soviet countries

Visegrad Scholarship is available for citizens of the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. The financial aid might be provided up to 4 semesters for Master and PhD courses.
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North America

Scholarship of Adam Mickiewicz Foundation in Canada is available for Canadian citizens for Bachelor and Master courses.

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Scholarships of Fulbright Program is targeted at North American and Polish scholars, students and teachers to facilitate Polish-American educational exchange.
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Other regions

Poland My First Choice Programme

The Programme offers an opportunity to pursue full-time second-cycle studies (master level) at public and private HEIs on all fields of study offered by institutions offering education at highest level – i.e. those classified to the A and A+ category. The scholarship offer is addressed to foreigners – the citizens of the following countries- please check the list on the programme website. 

NAWA Scholarship programmes

NAWA (the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange) is an institution that was established on October 1st, 2017 functioning within the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. It is set up to coordinate state activities driving the process of internationalization of Polish academic and research institutions. The mission of NAWA is to foster the development of Poland in the area of science and higher education.
In order to support the process of internationalization of Polish HEIs and research institutions, popularize teaching of the Polish language NAWA offers many scholarship programmes for international students.

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