Health insurance agreement with the National Health Fund

Health insurance agreement with the National Health Fund (Polish: NFZ – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia)

Student- citizen of Non-EU/EEA country, who signed a health insurance agreement with the National Health Fund (NFZ) and pays contributions timely, is entitled to use a medical care services at all medical points in Poland which have an agreement with NFZ for providing aid (it means hospitals and clinics operating within NFZ). Please note that many doctors speak Polish only, so it will be good to have a Polish friend helping you with the communication.

The cost of the monthly contribution is around 55,80 PLN. While visiting the doctor, remember to have a copy of the insurance agreement, an application form to the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and confirmation of  payment for most recent monthly contribution.

How can you sign NFZ agreement?

1) You should go to the appropriate NFZ - National Health Fund - Lower Silesia Branch, Insurance Service Center (Traugutta St. 55, 50-417 Wrocław, phone no. 71 797 91 35 / 71 797 91 66).

Documents which you will need:

•    passport (with w photograph), 

  • document confirming residence in Poland (e.g. document confirming dormitory accommodation, rental agreement),

•    the confirmation of the student status,

•    PESEL number (if you have),

•    Student ID card.

2) Go to the NFZ center (address above), where you can sign the agreement.

3) During 7 days after the process of signing the agreement, register at the Polish Social Insurance Institution (Polish: Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych-ZUS), by filling in the ZUS ZZA form. Then submit it to an appropriate Polish Social Insurance Institution. Find out below, which one is in the area where you live:

  • For people living in the districts of Wrocław – Śródmieście or Wrocław – Psie Pole:

I ZUS Inspectorate in Wrocław (temporarily unavailable)

Reymonta St. 4/6, 50-225 Wrocław

  • For people living in the districts of Wrocław – Fabryczna (not including Grabiszyn, Oporów, Szczepin estate) and Wrocław – Stare Miasto:

II ZUS Inspectorate in Wrocław

Litomska St. 36, 53-641 Wrocław

  • For people living in the districts of Wrocław not mentioned above:

III ZUS Branch in Wrocław

Pretficza St. 11, 50-930 Wrocław

It is also possible to insure yourself in private insurance agencies. You can choose arbitrary services package depends on your needs and financial capability.

Some private health service private companies:  LUX MED, Medicover

IMPORTANT: for the Pole’s Card (Karta Polaka) owners: after signing the agreement with the NFZ and registration at ZUS (ZZA form+ declaration form) you are obligated to show the agreement at the dean's office of your faculty in order for it to be confirmed, and then at the UPWr Center for Student Affairs, C. K. Norwida St. 25, room no. 3.

Only then your health contribution will be paid by UPWr.