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PhDCivil Engineering, Geodesy and Transport

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What is the UPWr Doctoral School?
We emphasise self-development and problem-solving skills to teach our students to approach their work with an open mind and innovative methods. Such an approach allows us to shape open and innovative researchers who will enter the world of international science by conducting groundbreaking research.

The school’s programme of education has been developed by its leading scientists to ensure that you as a PhD student get the best that the university has to offer. The interdisciplinary programme involves research with the direction and guidance of a selected supervisor and publishing research findings in the best international journals. The school encourages participation in training courses, and scientific conferences. At the Doctoral School, young scientists are required to do at least one international research internship during the programme.

PhD in Civil engineering, geodesy and transport
Possible research topics comprise of the following areas: geodesy, geoinformatics, civil engineering, construction, nano-components, building structures, cartography, satellite measurements, gravimetry, photogrammetry, remote sensing, geodynamics, displacement measurements, deformation research, geotechnics, geospatial engineering, satellite navigation, big data, machine learning, spatial analysis, numerical modeling, geographic information systems, spatial information infrastructure, satellite orbit determination, precise positioning, Earth rotation, Earth’s gravitational potential, GNSS meteorology, InSAR, Lidar, data integration, geodetic reference systems, monitoring of the natural environment, infrastructure and structures.

How do I finance my PhD?
There is no tuition fee for PhD studies. As an international PhD student, you are granted a monthly scholarship of at least 1000 euro for covering all living expenses. Additionally, you may receive funds for research projects or for publishing scientific articles in recognized journals.

How is the research environment?
UPWr allows you to become part of the Wrocław international scientific community, setting you on the track to a successful career at any university in the world. Our individual “one-to-one; master – student” approach helps to shape each student’s career path.

How can I apply?
Please check the list of possible research topics which are listed on our website, then contact the supervisor to agree on the details.
The application period usually starts in April and lasts till July. You will be asked to provide all documents proving your education and scientific achievements. Afterwards, the interviews are conducted with each candidate.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment