University dormitories

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences offers top standard dormitories located close to the university campuses. There are six dormitories where the students can be accommodated.

Location of the dormitories of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences is their great advantage. Four of them: Centaur, Labirynt, Talizman, and Zodiak are in the city centre in the vicinity of Grunwaldzki Square. Arka and Raj are in the green areas of Biskupin, Wrocław's most beautiful district.

Deposit- What is it?

The deposit paid shall be used to cover any expenses incurred due to damage and losses in the dormitory caused by the resident(s) but not being the result of emergency circumstances which may have occurred irrespective of any human actions or interference. The deposit shall also be a security amount in case the resident moves out at an earlier date before the end of the academic year and living its place unoccupied.

The deposit amount of 500.00 PLN shall be paid to the University dormitory's bank account right after the student's arrival.

More information about the deposit can be found HERE      .

Refund eligibility

The whole amount of the deposit shall be paid back to the resident on the checkout day provided no damage is visible and/or recorded throughout the entire stay in the dormitory. The resident shall be issued a receipt of the deposit repayment. In case any damage and/or losses are found and indicated by the manager of the dormitory, the deposit amount shall be reduced by the amount of the losses. The deposit shall by no means be deemed the rent for the first or the last month of staying in the dormitory.

            Regulations for international dormitory residents may be found HERE      

If you apply to one of our university programmes, please contact us if you would like to book a place in our dormitories:

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The price of accommodation in a dormitory room starts from 90 EUR and goes up to 150 EUR a month. The price depends on the amount of students accommodated in a room and on the room standard. All dormitories are connected to free Wi-Fi. The linen, pillows and blankets are provided by the dormitory services and exchanged every month. Washing machines (payable) are available. Other facilities in the dorm buildings: TV room, photocopiers, a workout room, etc.

Private dormitories in Wrocław (in order to book a place, please contact the company directly):