ATTENTION: If you are a Polish citizen and you want to apply to all study programmes offered by UPWr then you need to apply via the IRK system.
To go to IRK please click – HERE
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Featured Programmes

Rekrutacja na stuida II stopnia w języku polskim

1 grudnia 2021 r. rozpoczynamy nabór na studia stacjonarne II stopnia w języku polskim. Sprawdź naszą ofertę!

Webinar for veterinary medicine in English

We are happy to invite you to an online webinar for applicants and newly admitted students of veterinary medicine in English at the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

II nabór na studia w języku polskim

1 sierpnia rozpoczynamy II nabór na studia stacjonarne I stopnia, a także nabór na studia niestacjonarne i wybrane kierunki stacjonarne II stopnia prowadzone w języku polskim.

UPWr summer school for prospective PhD students

We invite international students to take part in our Summer School!

International Doctoral School- PhD programmes

The UPWr Doctoral School emphasises self-development and problem-
solving skills to teach our students to approach their work with an open
mind and innovative methods. Such an approach allows us to shape
open and innovative researchers who will enter the world of
international science by conducting groundbreaking research.

The App for students , Aplikacja dla studentów

The app has been developed by our students and for students.
Aplikacja została opracowana przez studentów i dla studentów.

We present The Magnificent Seven

The animation cycle presents seven leading courses of UPWr, which enjoy the greatest interest of candidates from abroad!

Movie cycle Studies-Life-Career

Meet our students – Safoura, Michael and Danyil

Bezpłatne kursy on-line z biologii i chemii w języku polskim

Kurs zawiera dawkę wiedzy teoretycznej przedstawionej w ciekawy i aktywizujący dla uczestników sposób.

Meet WUELS International Students

If you want to take a glimpse of the international atmosphere at WUELS, you are more than welcome to meet our international students! They come from different parts of the globe and have different interests, but they have one thing in common: all of them develop their passions and gain knowledge at our University.

Scholarships of the Polish Government

If you wish to study in Poland and you are looking for financial support for your studies, check the offer of the Polish National Agency for National Exchange. Click HERE to learn more about scholarship programmes.